Imagine being able to navigate and interact thru a realistic simulation of your Technology or product in any place you want, not being limited by geography or weather conditions, having the  freedom to look around, see from any position possible (and impossible too), interact with your systems in real time.  think about the possibilities...
By appropriate use of cutting edge real time technology, your CAD Data and VR consumer devices is possible to achieve this.
Adding an extra engagement level by living the experience and not being restricted by a screen frame.
The information is actively processed  by the receptor, thanks to the "experience factor", the level of attention and understanding will be higher making learning processes, explaining a complex systems, or machine usage training easier, educative and fun. in a safe environment.
Design, technology and experience together will give the ultimate experience for your target audience.

Will be very happy to give a non binding consulting and a short technology trial, am sure you will love it.

BAADER  VR white fish production line Experience (Brussels 2018)

-Training Purposes 

-Machine simulations (Digital Twin)

-Infotainment solutions for events

-Concept testing

-Virtual catalogue of products

-Concept explaining

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