Cristian Koch Rumpf 

Digital artist

Hi! am Cris, a freelance digital artist based in Germany, I enjoy playing around with new technologies (yes, I am kind of a geek) in my free time I love making  videos with drones, photography and spending some quality time with my daughters. Since I was a boy I was always fascinated by films and animation, which led me to study cinema and Advertising in Lima-Peru.

After that I worked for several years making visual effects and animation for TV commercials.  after all this time my love for cinema was expanded to commercials and further in product visualization and, when is needed, I add a cinematic look and feel to my work.

Once i came to Germany, i started to get more deep in Industry, and I found a new exciting world where i started to learn about how machines and complex systems work I  have fun when I  have the challenge to replicate that in 3D and with my diverse skills show it in the most attractive way possible.


-Project planning

-Team player

-Sense of Aesthetics


-Visual communication

-3D visualization

-Post production




-3ds Max

-Cinema 4d




-Adobe Premiere

-Blackmagic Fusion 16

-Davinci Resolve

-Affinity photo

-Adobe Photoshop

-PF Track

-Unreal Engine

-After Effects

-Substance painter

-Marvelous designer


Benjamin Kaufmann,

Photographer, London

Cris and I worked together on two very tricky projects. One fashion related, the other one a rather mad advertising idea. I really enjoyed working with Cris on finding solutions, experimenting with various techniques and the strong focus on achieving the best possible result. It was a joy working with someone to enthusiastic and passionate like Cris and finally presenting the beautiful results to my clients who are very pleased. 

Pasha Kuliev, 3D-Artist, Bizerba S.p.A., Italy

After having started working with Cris on a very demanding CGI animation, I very quickly realized that "Solo Animation" really had the potential to pull of what we -the client - had in mind. From the very early development brainstorming phase and till the delivery of the final animation, he continuously provided us with valuable input. He has a remarkable skill set, both in terms of idea development and the realization. Whenever something was getting complicated, Cris always brought up a solution or two. Overall we were very pleased with the process and the final result, which helped us to awake interest of several new customers. Looking forward to work with Cris in the future.

Thomas Mrokon,

monomer, Germany

I would suggest that monomer was not the typical customer, because we needed a special rendering pipeline for our wide product range.
After discussing the project parameters, Cris developed a fully customizable solution for serial product images. We could work out a smooth pipeline from our CAD-software to a series of predefined images for our webshop. Of course these kind of developments needed some bug fixing, but Cris was always perfect on time and he was aware of upcoming issues to save project time and costs.
I would highly recommend working with Cris. besides his professionalism during the complete process of the project, he is also a very passionate partner for new developments.

Mennoniten str. 1e
67433 Neustadt an der weinstrasse
Phone:   +491743260619
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