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1 General

1.1 Der Cristian Koch Rumpf (3D Generalist Freelancer), hereinafter referred to as "Cristian Koch Rumpf", provides services in the field of visualization, app development, design and programming for its contractual partners, hereinafter referred to as "client".

1.2 The general terms and conditions for services apply to all orders that Cristian Koch Rumpf implements. Deviating regulations require written confirmation by Cristian Koch Rumpf.


2. License and Copyright

2.1 Cristian Koch Rumpf transfers to the client, with the exception of works protected by copyright, the simple right of use, unlimited in terms of time and space, as well as the authorization to publish, reproduce and exploit the work result. This transfer does not include the right to change by third parties and onward transfer to third parties. The right of use is limited to the agreed type of use and the agreed purpose and scope.

2.3 For ideas, concepts, drafts submitted by Cristian Koch Rumpf, as well as any form of textual and graphic work, and in particular revised files, such as 3D models, the client recognizes Cristian Koch Rumpf the copyright.

2.4 Suggestions and instructions from the customer and his other cooperation do not justify any joint copyright to the work result.

2.5 Data protected by copyright, which Cristian Koch Rumpf uses to produce work results, will not be passed on to the client.

2.6 Cristian Koch Rumpf is not obliged to check license or copyrights on the material submitted by the client.

2.7 All work results can be used and published by Cristian Koch Rumpf for its own advertising purposes and internal training without any restrictions, and all data from an order can be archived without granting any legal obligation. If publication is not to take place, the customer must specify in writing when the order is placed to what extent and at what time the work may be published. Excluded from publication is material that is subject to confidentiality and for which a non-disclosure agreement signed by Cristian Koch Rumpf exists.


3. Services

3.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the work result agreed with an order consists of images, films or websites.

3.2 The client cannot assert any legal claim to precision, for example with regard to colour, material appearance or geometry, in the work results.

3.3 After full payment of the agreed fee, Cristian Koch Rumpf only owes the client the agreed work result, not the data and files leading to this result. All work documents, data or records made by Cristian Koch Rumpf in the course of developing the work results are the property of Cristian Koch Rumpf. This applies in particular to the 3D models, files or production data created or revised by Cristian Koch Rumpf. If the client wishes files and data to be made available to him, this must be agreed in writing and paid for separately.

3.4 Photo credit is desirable and can be in the following form: »3D visualization: Cristian Koch Rumpf, Neustadt an der Weinstr.« or »3D animation: Cristian Koch Rumpf, Neustadt an der Weinstr.«.

4. Internet Services

4.1 No guarantee can be given that the client's websites, e-mail boxes, FTP accounts, or editorial or administrative access will be available on the internet without interruption.

4.2 Cristian Koch Rumpf assumes no liability for damage incurred by the client or its customers as a result of data loss or the impossibility of viewing, sending or receiving information.


5. Payment Terms and Prices

5.1 All listed prices and hourly rates are exclusive of statutory VAT.

5.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, 1/3 of the total amount of an offer must be paid when the order is placed, 1/3 upon delivery and 1/3 upon receipt of the final invoice without deduction.


6. Liability

6.1. The customer bears the risk of the legal admissibility of the work results created by Cristian Koch Rumpf. Cristian Koch Rumpf assumes no liability whatsoever for damage, including to third parties, which the client incurs as a result of using the work results.

6.2 Cristian Koch Rumpf is not liable for the ability to protect or register the work result or the ideas, concepts and materials contained therein under trademark, copyright, patent or license law.

6.3 The client is liable for damage caused by the use of material that he has made available to Cristian Koch Rumpf to create a work result.


7. Final Provisions

7.1 Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

7.2 The legal relationship is subject to German law. The place of jurisdiction for merchants, legal entities under public law and legal entities is Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

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