The usage of CGI (computer generated images) is becoming more an industry standard, thanks to the fast development of new rendering technologies, which can provide incredible realism with a high degree of control over the final image. By keeping a virtual copy of the products, its possible to revisit the studio several times, making the creative process more flexible for further iterations. 

Parts of the objects can be isolated and controlled for further beautify steps, reflections, shadows and light can be tweaked till reaching that perfect point in a physically correct way (or bending the reality too).

changing backgrounds becomes less a tedious task and turns into a more creative process to convey your goals successfully.

Using this tools as a next step for your CAD data generation, can save production time and accelerate sales, if needed the models can be created too.

Save time and money for catalogs and web-shops, possibility to create tailor made solutions for massive production of images. 

Together the expertise on CGI combined with photographic approach and by having at hand the latest technology in hardware and software to provide you the best results.

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