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 VR in a nutshell 

I want to present you with a realistic simulation of your technology or product that you can navigate and interact with anywhere you want. You are not constrained by geography or weather conditions, you have the freedom to look around, see from any possible (or impossible) position, interact with your systems in real-time. Imagine the possibilities...
With state-of-the-art real-time technology, you can use your CAD data and VR consumables in real time.
Experience an extra level of engagement by making the experience your own and not being limited by a screen frame.
The information is actively processed by the receptor, thanks to the "experience factor" the level of attention and understanding will be higher. This makes learning processes, explaining a complex system or training how to use a machine easier, instructive and entertaining - in a safe environment.
Design, technology and experience combine to create the ultimate experience for your target audience.

I am your contact for this innovative solution. I look forward to a non-binding consultation and a short technology test. I am sure you will like it.

VR white fish production line Experience (Brussels 2018)

 VR Application 

-Training purposes

-Machine simulations (digital twin)

-Infotainment solutions for events

-Concept review

-Virtual product catalogue

-Concept explaining

 more work samples 

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