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Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is an image created or enhanced using 3-D computer graphics (image synthesis) in the fields of film production, computer simulation, and visual effects. The term refers to computer animation in film art - in contrast to computer animation, for example in computer games. With the rapid development of new rendering technologies, CGI can offer stunning realism with a high degree of control over the final image. By creating a virtual copy of the products, it is possible to visit the studio at any time and add flexibility to the creative process for further iterations.

Parts of the objects can be isolated and edited for further refinement steps. Reflections, shadows and lights can be tweaked until the perfect point is reached in a physically correct or creative way. Changing the background becomes less of a tedious task and becomes a more creative process to successfully convey your goals.

Using these tools as the next step in your CAD data generation can save production time and speed up sales. If necessary, the models can also be created. Save time and money on catalogs and web shops. Ability to create bespoke solutions for mass production of images.

We combine expertise in CGI with a photographic approach, using the latest technology in hardware and software to bring you the best results.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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