When you hear about Visual FX, first thing that comes to your mind is Hollywood blockbusters,  but is more than that. 

By using this techniques another layer of control arises in production, weather fx, shot improvements to make it more spectacular, logo-sky replacements or just by shooting in green screen to convert that green screen in a ultra secret lab.

Almost everything is possible.

Visual FX is a production tool that can highly optimize production budgets, and increase production value.

Its not only about just simple lens flares, or particle effects, is about set dressing, set expansion and adding 3d elements seamlessly in live action footage.

With the expertise in this field, and several years of experience in multilayer compositing, realistic 3D effects and visual Fx shooting supervision will  provide you the best solutions for that "complicated shot". Or even better, we can design together that money shot you looking for in the pre production phase with a previsualization, which will provide valuable information for the shooting, keeping your investment safe.

Please get in touch if you require a non binding consulting. 

Small demo showing possibilities of VFX

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