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Adding the extra mile

Visual FX aren't just reserved for Hollywood blockbusters, they can also enhance your production. Visual FX allows you to manipulate or augment reality by adding digital or visual elements to your live footage. Whether you want to change the weather, beautify the scenery, swap out the logo, or turn a green screen into an amazing backdrop - almost anything is possible.

Visual FX are a cost-effective and creative production tool that gives you more control and flexibility. Not only can you create simple effects such as lens flares or particles, you can also design entire sets, enlarge them or seamlessly integrate 3D objects.

As an experienced visual fx artist with several years of experience in compositing, 3d animation and visual fx recording monitoring, I offer you the best solutions for your "complicated recordings". Or even better: We design the Money Shot of your dreams together with you in the pre-production phase with a pre-visualization that provides you with valuable information for the shoot and protects your investment.

Please contact me for a free consultation.

Small demo showing the possibilities of VFX

 more work samples 

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